Welcome to the Petroleum Club Shreveport

The Petroleum Club of Shreveport traces its origins to a 1948 meeting of oil industry employees.  The group, mostly draftsmen, geologists, and engineers, believed working people in the oil industry needed a place downtown where they could enjoy lunch together.  The Petroleum Club was formed.

The Club’s first five years were spent in the Washington Youree Hotel.  Later, the Club moved to the Petroleum Tower but eventually returned to the hotel.  As the Club continued to grow, it became more and more difficult to accommodate the member services and activities.  In late 1969, the Petroleum Club moved into the brand new Mid-South Tower. Occupying the top two floors, the Club still calls the Mid-South Tower home.

Today, the Petroleum Club of Shreveport rivals private clubs throughout the southwest with its central location, breathtaking views of the city, outstanding food, meticulous service, and the spirit of congeniality and hospitality.  Although Shreveport’s economy was once heavily dependent on petroleum, the Petroleum Club’s membership now reflects the diversity of the changing economy.



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